The Disease Called “God Told Me”











My friend and fellow servant of Christ in Kenya has published a new book available at Pastor Olare delves into the question of the believer’s source for truth and practice and adeptly defends the Reformation touchstone of the authority and sufficiency of Scripture. His book is a call to accept and live by Sola Scriptura or we effectively throw the Bible on the trash heap to be burned.

As a child, I attended Sunday School in the basement of my small local pentecostal church and we’d sing an old song called “The B-I-B-L-E”.

The B-I-B-L-E, yes, that’s the Book for me;
I stand alone on the Word of God – the B-I-B-L-E.

When our class hour was finished, we’d join the adults upstairs and wait for God to give someone a fresh message from God through tongues or prophecy. These messages were then written down for further study, application, and sharing.

Elly Achok Olare is an author and mentor, but his passion and calling are as a pastor and Bible teacher. He lives in east African nation of Kenya, where he was once a Pentecostal pastor. For nearly two decades he preached the prosperity gospel that Jesus died on the cross to give perfect physical health and abundant material wealth. This gospel was bolstered by continuing messages from God received by people today. Christian truth was not something settled, but ever-evolving. Olare’s book, “The Disease Called ‘God Told Me’” explores the belief that God continues to speak today by inspiring new revelations of Himself, His purpose, and His service.

Redeemed from his past, his mind renewed, and his ministry reformed by the Word of God, Pastor Olare explains the Biblical truth recorded in Second Timothy 3:16-17 and Second Peter 1:3. God gave His written Word as the all-sufficient authority for the Christian faith and practice, for life and godliness. The Bible stands as the full and final direct revelatory voice of God in the world today. All the sinner needs to be saved, and the believer needs to understand and live the Christian life, is contained in the pages of God’s Word. It is the express image of His will. Since the Scripture is sufficient for faith and practice, new revelations and messages from God are more than unnecessary, they are an absolute danger to spiritual life and truth.

Through a study of the Bible, and ample historical illustrations, Pastor Olare analyzes the errors, dangers, and results of those who claim to have, or who seek to hear, new messages from God. These messages feed the sinfulness of the human heart and are encouraged by Satanic forces from without. These are direct attacks on the Godhead, the foundation of the Christian faith, and the spiritual growth of the believer.

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About Richard L Rice

Just an ordinary, balding, blind guy, making my way to Heaven by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus alone. Richard L Rice has been an ordained minister since 1986, and pastored 6 churches. A graduate of Multnomah School of the Bible (Portland, OR) and Abilene Bible Seminary (Abilene, KS), Richard is the author of numerous books, including commentaries on Matthew, Romans, the Minor Prophets, and the Pastoral Epistles of Paul. He is the pastor of a congregation in Portland, Oregon, and serves on the faculty of the Berean School of Ministry in Tala, Kenya. He lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife Kimberly and son Daniel. Further details about him can be found written on the pages of his blog.
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2 Responses to The Disease Called “God Told Me”

  1. hawk2017 says:

    Ty. I downloaded the book to my Kindle.:)

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I am just curious, if you mean we should not pray and ask God for guidance?
    I realize many say they have “a word from God” and it does not line up with scripture..
    But many times I have asked God to guide me concerning decisions..ect..
    I remember the B-I-B-L-E song too.. and Onward Christian Soldiers.. We would line up and sing, just before snack time.. The smell of the old country church where I attended summer Bible school is etched in my memory..

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