When a Volcano Erupts


When a volcano erupts, it is impossible to put the explosion back into the mountain. You either run from the explosion or it consumes you.

We wrote here in both 2012 and 2013 of the avalanche of homosexuality upon the Christian Church in the United States; how government would force pastors and churches to accept homosexuality or face persecution and penalty. What has transpired has not only moved quicker than we anticipated, the homosexual agenda is much more widely accepted than anticipated.

The existence of Christian schools, universities and Bible colleges is being challenged. Christian students are threatened and attacked. Christian bakers, photographers, county clerks, and pastors are targeted. Churches have been sued. And this is just the beginning, while most American churchgoers cover their eyes and their pastors ignore the Biblical call to the proclamation of the whole truth of God’s Word. The day is coming when you will be made to finally care … and then it will be too late.

In the last week, the firestorm has erupted to even greater proportions. Those who advocated for a “middle ground” now see there is no such thing. Dr Albert Mohler penned this important blog that we urge you to read and consider.


About Richard L Rice

Just an ordinary, balding, blind guy, making my way to Heaven by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus alone. His theology is conservative, Dispensational, Reformed and Calvinistic. Richard L Rice has been an ordained minister since 1986, and pastored 6 churches. A graduate of Multnomah School of the Bible (Portland, OR) and Abilene Bible Seminary (Abilene, KS), Richard is the author of numerous books, including commentaries on Matthew, Romans, the Minor Prophets, and the Pastoral Epistles of Paul. He is the pastor of a congregation in Portland, Oregon, and serves on the faculty of the Berean School of Ministry in Tala, Kenya. He lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife Kimberly and son Daniel. Further details about him can be found written on the pages of this blog.
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